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N&CA has been operating successfully for over 40 years in accounting, tax and corporate consulting, together with auditing activity.

Main Clients are small, medium and large enterprises, being sometimes part of multinational groups, as well as private institutes and foundations of national relevance.

N&CA’s professionals are members of many Boards of Statutory Auditors and Boards of Directors of outstanding companies. Recently, the stronger Clients’ requirements to be provided with professional services focused on helping companies in getting their best results have driven N&CA to evolve, being closer to entrepreneurs and managers as a mentor for evaluating and deciding for the right strategy.

Therefore, N&CA expanded the range of its professional services with management consulting, mainly directed to SMEs, with the goal to assure completeness of solutions to Clients, combining company and fiscal issues with management and control ones.

The aim of N&CA is to provide high quality services to Clients through experienced and committed professionals.

The goal of N&CA is to provide Clients with highly qualified services, with the commitment of experienced professionals, accustomed to collaborating in multidisciplinary teams and who represent the added value that the Firm makes available to its Clients.

In order to meet need for international growth of Clients, N&CA is part of DFK International, an association made of auditing and fiscal, accounting consulting professionals operating for more than 45 years, in more than 90 countries, with over 400 offices and 10.000 people.

This Association guarantees the highest level of quality in professional services, besides the deep knowledge of local environments in different business, to Clients that need to do business in foreign markets.

DFK headquarters and secretary are based in London, where an intense update and in-depth activity in the areas of auditing, fiscal and accounting consultancy is coordinated. Through DFK International, Clients can benefit from effective services, deriving from an active collaboration between professionals spread all over the world, in short times and at competitive costs.


DFK Italia is a point of reference for successful companies both nationally and internationally with various offices throughout Italy.


DFK International will help you achieve your business goals locally and internationally, thanks to the professionals of the DFK network.

Corresponding offices:

Italy lies in central southern Europe, bounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the south and bordered by Austria, France, Slovenia and Switzerland to the North. The country stretches for over 1,000 km from north to south and has a total area of over 300,000 sq. km. Italy also includes 2 large islands, Sardinia and Sicily, and many smaller ones.

The Constitution states that the Italian Republic consists of Municipalities, Provinces, Metropolitan Areas and Regions. The country is divided into 20 administrative regions, most of which enjoy full autonomy over local legislation. Five regions have a special status: Valle d’Aosta, Trentino-Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Sicily and Sardinia. Two independent states, the Vatican City (in Rome) and the Republic of San Marino, lie within Italy’s geographical borders.

Most of Italy’s 60 million inhabitants are Roman Catholics and, although a steady stream of immigration in recent years has introduced a more multi-ethnic society, other religions are still a relatively small percentage. Population growth, at less than 0.1% per annum, is negligible.

The official language and the language of business is Italian. A small minority living in the north speaks German, French and Slovenian.

Italy’s system of government is that of a Parliamentary Republic. Sovereignty belongs to people who exercise it as laid down by the Constitution. Power is divided among the executive, the legislative and the judicial branches. The Italian Constitution establishes the balancing and interaction of these branches, rather than their rigid separation.

Italy is among the 10-largest economy in the world and one of the largest in Europe and in the EU, in terms of nominal GDP; it has a diversified industrial economy and a developed infrastructure. Italy is a member of the G7 and the G8 industrialized nations, the European Union and the OECD.

The document attached contains more detailed information of “Doing business in Italy”.

By clicking on the link below, you can access the information circulars prepared by N&CA.

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